A selection of stories from across Europe, North Africa, and Central America. Some of my favorites include this multi-year investigation into a triple murder on the Greece-Turkey border, this piece about a Saharan desert town being wiped off the map, the last places in Europe where it’s illegal to have an abortion, and the stigma against unmarried mothers in Tunisia


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The story of Sanaa Gateja, the ‘Bead King’ of Uganda // WePresent

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The unapologetically gay, erotic drawings of Soufiane Ababri // Hyperallergic

As anxiety and depression soar, Greek mental health professionals come to the rescue // Incubator for Media Education and Development (English, Greek)

The last person hand painting movie posters in Greece // Vice Magazine

For victims of domestic abuse, lockdown is not safe // Incubator for Media Education and Development (English, Greek)

Dora Dalila Cheffi: How it feels being a young mixed woman in Tunisia // WePresent

The marble sculptors of Tinos // WePresent

Henna artist Azra Khamissa on her unconventional approach to the art form // Allure

Killing spree: when migrant women disappeared on the island of Cyprus, no one went looking for them // Airmail

Activist’s murder in Tunisia attests to racism’s grip // Al Monitor

Greek roads prove deadly to migrants on busy land route to Europe // The New Humanitarian

Greece’s man in the migrant morgue // The New Humanitarian

Lena Platonos and the secret sound of Greek electronica // Resident Advisor

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Greece’s old gods are ready for your sacrifice // The Outline

I became a citizen of Bitnation, a blockchain-powered virtual nation. Now what? // Vice Motherboard

‘They’re not seen as human beings’: life for unmarried mothers in Tunisia // The Guardian

Can Stambeli, the spiritual music of Tunisia, be saved? // Vice Noisey

Long-silent victims of Tunisia’s dictatorship speak out // Al Jazeera

Rosh Hashanah in Tunisia: a rabbi reflects on the power of Muslim-Jewish solidarity // Quartz


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Tunisie : station balnéaire, saison mortuaire // ARTE Reportage avec Olivia Dehez (French)

The last places in Europe where it’s illegal to get an abortion // Vice Magazine

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Tunis from the inside // Four Seasons Magazine

The EU-Turkey deal: Evros, the new deadly route to Europe (video)  // CEAR (Spanish) GCR (English)

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9 ways 9/11 changed U.S. politics forever // Teen Vogue

Guam’s militarization by the U.S. is also a story of indigenous resistance // Teen Vogue

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